Tikkurila Paint: The Go-To Nordic Paint

Have you been looking at your kitchen cupboards and thinking that they need a new lick of paint? Perhaps with the new year starting, you’ve been thinking “new year, new home” and want a full home makeover? The question is… what paint to use?

There are thousands of different paint brands out there, so which one should you go for? Depends on what you are wanting to achieve, I’d say. Depends on the surface you want to paint and how you want it to look. One of my go-to paint brands is Tikkurila. Have you ever used it?

Tikkurila paint

What is Tikkurila paint?

Tikkurila, sometimes mistyped Tikurilla, is a Finnish paint company that has been recommended time and time again by those who’ve used it. This leading Nordic paint brand makes both high-quality interior paint and exterior paint. Whether you’ve been looking for paint for kitchen cabinets, paint for walls or paint for ceilings – you’ll find a Tikkurila paint perfect for any of these applications.


Tikkurila paint

Where to buy Tikkurila?

You can buy Tikkurila in the UK in various places, including online stores and high street stores. I’ve purchased Tikkurila paint at Kent Blaxill online (but you can also buy it at one of their many branches!). They stock a wide range of Tikkurila paint colours, including tikkurila anti reflex 2, tikkurila helmi 30 and tikkurila helmi 10.

Tikkurila paint

Tikkurila paint reviews.

Don’t just take my high praises as gospel. I didn’t choose Tikkurila as one of my go-to paints lightly. It was only after a lot of research, reading many reviews and actually trying it. Many others have had stellar experiences with Tikkurila paint.

For instance, Mike Gregory shared on the Decorators Forum a Tikkurila Paint Review of some of the products he’s most familiar with. “By and large I’m impressed, so I thought I’d write a quick Tikkurila paint review based on the products I am most familiar with.” Two of his favourite products are Tikkurila Ceramic Optiva 3 and Tikkurila Optiva 3, which he says to be some of the products on the market.

Mark Nash, professional kitchen painter, shared on Traditional Painter that he has been using Tikkurila paint for many years and this paint has been his go-to to paint kitchen all across the country. “Tikkurila paint is, in my opinion, the best waterborne paint available for painting kitchen cabinets. But if you’re used to solvent based products, it takes time to master.”


Tikkurila paint : The Go-To Nordic Paint is a feature paint


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