Top 7 sustainable gifts for your loved ones  

Trying to think of gifts to give to a loved one can sometimes be tricky, especially if they already have seemingly everything they need. However, with the environment more in focus than ever before, showing your support through the gifts you give can be a great way to help.

To help you decide, here are just seven potentially highly relevant and interesting sustainable gifts for your loved ones.


sustainable gifts for your loved ones   

  1. Sponsor an animal

If the recipient of your gift is an animal lover, then nothing would be better than sponsoring an animal for the year. This ensures that animals get the care and protection they need, plus, the recipient will be sent regular updates about the animal you sponsored for them.

If the person likes a certain animal, then there are often animal charities that will have that animal you can sponsor. Sometimes, they will even add a small plaque to the enclosure with the sponsor’s name on it.

Click through to find out more about Essex animal charities to donate to, or similar organisations wherever you are located.


  1. Potted plants or flowers

Lots of people give flowers as gifts, but they are often cut flowers that will only last a few days. To be more eco-conscious, why not give someone a potted plant or flower? You can always buy a more decorative plant pot if the one it comes with is too boring. This will give the recipient many years of pleasure and help the local environment.

To give something that will give back to the friend, why not send a fruit tree or shrub? Something like an apple tree or blackberry bush will look nice and produce fruit for them for years to come.


  1. Reusable coffee cups

If you know someone that loves getting a coffee on the way to work, then buying them a reusable coffee cup could be the best present.

While many coffee shops now supply recyclable cups, it is far better for customers to take their own to be reused. You can get cups in many designs and sizes to suit the recipient, and they are often designed to keep the coffee hot.

For those hot summer days, you can also give them a cooler glass so that they can have a fruit drink or iced coffee instead. Perhaps give both for that extra special gift.


  1. Food gifts

If you love making food and you are a wizard in the kitchen, why not make something for your loved one’s gift? It is easier if you know what they like, so that may require a little research.

Your gift could consist of homemade jams, a fruit basket, cookbooks, or anything culinary. Your friend will love the idea, and it will be something that will remind them of you every time they use it.

  1. Plant-based candles

Many traditional candles are made from paraffin or animal fats and can be harmful to the environment. However, there are now many plant-based candles on the market that can be given as gifts.

Plant-based candles have a longer burn time and will be safer for the recipient and their home. You can get them in many styles and fragrances to suit the recipient of your gift. For those who appreciate eco-friendly gifts, plant-based candles can be the perfect idea for a present.


  1. Organic soaps

Another product that traditionally had chemicals in it was soaps. While these are good at getting you clean, they can be harmful to the environment. Thankfully, there are now a number of companies that produce organic soaps only using natural ingredients.

This is one type of gift that you can try to make at home if you have the time and ingredients. Home-made soap will also have a special meaning to the person receiving it. There are many organic soap recipes that you can find and try out.


  1. Online magazine subscriptions

Physical magazine subscriptions have been a popular gift for people in recent years. However, the recipient will have to recycle the magazines afterwards. To cut this part out, why not give them an online magazine subscription instead?

These usually run for a year, and the recipient will get each issue directly to their inbox. Such subscriptions are ideal for those that love their magazines, but without all the environmental issues. It is important to find out first though if they have a device to read the magazines.



Although finding traditional gifts may be a hard task when you’re buying for the person who has seemingly everything, the sustainable gifts detailed above are not only better for the planet, but can also be used over and over again.


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