Traditional Anniversary Ideas for Major Milestone Years

Traditional Anniversary Ideas for Major Milestone YearsEvery year you spend with your spouse is another year in bliss for most happy couples. That means that if you have plenty of reasons to celebrate when your anniversary rolls around. The only problem for many couples is figuring out what the ideal gift will be for their spouse. While some people prefer to make up their own gift ideas based on what they know their partner will love, others prefer to stick to a theme.

Fortunately, there are traditional gifts associated with every year you spend with your partner, from the first anniversary paper-based gifts, to the anniversary present of wood for year number five. Here are some traditional ideas to help inspire you during your major milestone year celebrations.



Ideas for Your First Anniversary

Your first anniversary is a major event, and something that’s well worth celebrating. You’ve successfully survived this first year as husband and wife and discovered all the incredible experiences that go along with it. The traditional gift for year number one, paper, might not seem very inspiring, but it’s a great opportunity to get romantic. Why not write each other love letters that you get framed? You could even get yourself a brand-new photo album or scrapbook that you can sit down together and fill with pictures from your wedding.

Ideas for Your Fifth Anniversary

By year number five of your marriage with your husband or wife, you know how solid your relationship is. That’s why wood is such a meaningful traditional gift. Although a chunk of wood might not seem like a good idea, there are a lot of ways that you can transform wood into something special. Why not make a new item together at a local wood-crafting workshop? Alternatively, if you want to go with a different tradition, the fifth year of marriage is also regularly associated with cutlery and flatware. Even a weekend away in a log cabin could be an excellent way to celebrate your fifth anniversary in style and enjoy some time together.


Ideas for Your Tenth Anniversary

Ten years together is a huge accomplishment and something that’s definitely worth partying for. You might decide to hold a massive celebration for your first decade in a harmonious marriage. On the other hand, you could consider going with a traditional gift for each other. The gift for ten years together is aluminium. This might seem like an odd gift, but there are lots of things that you can look into to make with aluminium or tin. Why not invest in an aluminium cocktail shaker and mix up some drinks for an amazing night in? You can put your favourite movie on the television while you relax with your drinks and snuggle up together.

Ideas for Your Twentieth Anniversary

If ten years was a huge thing for you and your partner – just imagine how you’re going to feel after a full twenty years together. Both platinum and china are the traditional gifts for this year, and they’re suitable from a symbolic perspective because they’re both beautiful and durable. The china you pick needs to look stunning enough that you’ll feel comfortable displaying it proudly in your home. You might even decide to get a custom china tea set made specially for this big day. Platinum is a good option if you’re looking for modern jewellery style gifts. Just remember that platinum can be pretty expensive, so you might need to be prepared to splash out.

Ideas for your Thirtieth Anniversary

If you’ve spent a full thirty years with the love of your life, it’s time to invest in a truly elegant present. The gift that’s traditional for year thirty is the pearl. An heirloom set of pearl earrings or a pearl bracelet could be a good choice here. Alternatively, you could consider getting a set of pearl and diamond earrings for your partner if you really want to push the boat out. It might be particularly fun to go out to find a place where you can dive for oysters and even choose your own pearls for your partner on this special day.

And how about hiring a flower wall from the party rental company dallas and taking some extraordinary special photographs of you both?

Ideas for your Fiftieth

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to make it to your fiftieth wedding anniversary, then you really want to push the boat out on an incredible gift. The fiftieth wedding anniversary is represented with gold, so make sure that you mark the occasion properly. Gold stands for compassion and wisdom, so make sure that you pick a timeless item for your spouse that they can treasure, like a gold watch or necklace.


Every year , no matter what the occasion personalised glasses also make a truly lovely and heartfelt gift that will also get good use

Traditional Anniversary Ideas for Major Milestone Years


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