Trendy Baby Clothes – Where to find them at a great price

My love affair with baby clothes

Baby clothes are something I never thought I would be bothered about until I became a mum and then I discovered trendy baby clothes and I have to admit I have been a kids clothes shopaholic ever since.

What happened was that when I had my little one I realised the pleasure I got in dressing her was exactly the same pleasure I got in dressing myself. I just loved her to look nice and I loved to see the reaction she got from other people, it was just so very cute. She would giggle and smile and throw her little arms about. She absolutely adored all the attention.

Who doesn’t like that kind of attention and fuss? That’s partly the reason I love to dress up in cool clothes too.

Oh, pretty clothes really do make me very happy.


Trendy Baby Clothes

Trendy Baby Clothes – Where to find them at a great price

There are a number of places you can get trendy baby clothes.

I actually found I was given quite a few outfits form family and friends who had babies before me. At first, I felt I had to dress my kids in every single outfit passed onto them out of politeness but when I really did not like the outfit or it was too worn or looked uncomfortable I would resent this!

After a while, I decided not to worry so much and just dress my kids in the passed down clothes that I thought they were lovely and the rest I passed on to a charity shop.


Off the high street

One of my go-to stores for trendy baby clothes has always been off the high street.

Vertbaudet (see outfits above and below) is a great kid’s clothing store and their baby clothes are just the cutest. I often shopped there when my kids were teeny because both the quality and the pricing was good. What I really loved though was the fact that all their clothes were playful, chic and trendy and always just that little bit different from the high street.

For a really sweet example just take a look at these socks (and the whole set is only £6 isn’t that just incredible!)


Trendy Baby Clothes


What do you think of trendy baby clothes?

I would love to know what your opinion of trendy baby clothes is. Do you think they are a waste of money because babies are not aware, or might be sick, or spill their food, do you think it is just a parental indulgence.

Or do you, like me, think they are absolutely adorable and that it is a huge amount of fun to dress your baby nicely?

Please do drop me a comment below with your thoughts.

For me, a selection of trendy baby clothes was one of the essentials to pack in my baby changing bag

But one of the things I learned very early on in my parenting journey was that we are all different and that that is absolutley okay.


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