Weekend Outdoor Activities with Kids #0urGreenSpace

Weekend outdoor activities with kids just make a weekend even more special.

After a tiring week at work and at school we are all so happy when the weekend rolls around aren’t we?

It is so tempting, as the Autumn days roll in, to spend those days cosied up in our pj’s watching movies, baking , drawing and playing. And, of course, snug indoor family time is wonderful!

But we all need daylight and exercise after a week cooped up. It is good for us all not just physically but mentally too. Both movement and sunlight are scientifically proven to boost moods.


Weekend Outdoor Activities with Kids


Weekend Outdoor Activities with Kids

Champions of all things outdoors Regatta have launched a brilliant campaign called  Kids’ Ultimate Green Space. It aims to highlight the limitless imagination that young children have and encourages children to be reminded of their friendships and the fun times spent outdoors.

Regatta  cite a survey by  Natural England, published in October 2020 that revealed that six in 10 children have spent less time outdoors since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 70 per cent want to spend more time outdoors with friends after the pandemic.

Of course! We have all missed this haven’t we?

Regatta asked kids to design what would be in their dream green space and they came up with a host of wonderful ideas from playgrounds to ice-creams, outdoor gyms and go carts. Do pop over and have a look. They are so creative!


What do you get up to?

Our favourite weekend activities with our kids include going to a beach and going rock pooling. We also like to fly kites and we like to walk in the woods with the children’s cousins and their dog,

What about you?

If you want to share your ideas for weekend outdoors activities with Regatta simply tag them on social media with #OurGreenSpace


Weekend Outdoor Activities with Kids is a collaborative post 



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