What to do with your precious photos

Do you ever wonder what to do with your precious photos?

Do they sit there on our phone and computer unseen and unloved? If so, what a shame.

I sometimes have a big sweep of photos printed and get them into albums and then not often enough. Even when I do photo albums then end up only being looked at every once in a while.

I’d love to see more of my photos more often, wouldn’t you?



What to do with your precious photos

Over at My-Picture.co.uk there are so many absolutely brilliant ideas for using photos in and around your home and I am so excited to show you some of these today. Hopefully, they will inspire you to get your photos out your phone and into your life



We reviewed some little acrylic glass boxes, with our photos in. These are called MixBlox.  They are so cute and such a sweet way to display a photo.  I have my book covers done in them so could keep them on my desk to inspire me and I had some family ones done too for my kids to keep on their desks. Aren’t they a delight. at 5 by 5 cm they are small but mighty way to show off your precious photos.

They are also super value at just £6 each and they make the sweetest gift idea. You could even stack a pile of these to make a cute design feature.

Photo canvases

Photo canvases are also a great way to showcase your precious photos off in style you can either choose one amazing photo or create a collage on a canvas and make art out of memories. Canvas prints are robust and attractive ways of giving your photos the life they deserve.


Photo Postcards

I recently made one of my favourite photos of my children into postcards over at My-Picture.co.uk and these made perfect thank you cards after their birthday. Aren’t they the cutest!


More options for displaying and sharing photos

And how about puzzles or mousemats or mugs as ways to show off your fabulous photos? Or perhaps photo books or posters? Or how about blankets or towels or cushions/ you could even have a photo face mask!

They will bring so much pleasure to you and to those you give these photo gifts too. can you imagine grandma doing a puzzle with a photo of her grandkids on..or drinking tea with a photo from your summer holiday on? Memories warm our hearts and minds don’t they and make us feel so good.

Visual reminders of people and places we love are just lovely to have around and a beautiful way to use our photos.


Photos make us happy and so we should have them all around us.


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