What Type of Airport Parking is Best When Travelling with Your Child?

What Type of Airport Parking is Best


Picture this. You have, by some miracle, managed to get your children to put their shoes on and get into the car ready to jet off. You’ve even succeeded in keeping your head throughout the last-minute packing, and subsequent unpacking by your youngest, who is now adorning a pair of pants on his head. No one wants to live the nightmare of rocking up to the airport and realising you haven’t booked a space. Ask yourself this: Do you understand the different types of airport car parking? What’s more, when going on holiday with your children, are you prepared to make the best, least stressful decision by you and your family? Allow us to explain the many layers of airport parking and find the perfect option for you.

Short Stay

If you’re planning a weekend getaway with the family, there isn’t much need to look elsewhere in terms of your parking arrangements. Short Stay parking allows you to book up to 3 days’ worth of parking and offers the closest spaces to the terminal doors. Although you will still have all the stresses of battling with your children and luggage, there isn’t far to march your kids into the airport. In the world of being a parent, it shouldn’t prove as too much of a strain.

Long Stay

With the average stay for a group of four holidaying between 8-15 days, Long Stay parking is probably the most applicable for those looking to get away for a week at the least. As is obvious from the name, Long Stay parking gives spots to those away for longer periods of time. Generally, it isn’t as nearby and conveniently situated as Short Stay, meaning you will have to hop on a short 5-10-minute shuttle bus, or walk. This can prove daunting for those travelling with kids.

Not only do you have to juggle packing them and everything else in the car in the first place. You also have less leverage on the time in which you get to the airport. You also don’t have the luxury of knowing once you get out of the car, you’re arrived; you still have another car journey to go. That said, shuttle buses to and from the airport are frequent and run 24 hours a day.

Meet & Greet

The idea of Meet and Greet services might seem a bit extravagant, especially if your car is littered with toys. Or the wrappers of food you’ve used to negotiate with your child to try and sedate their incessant questions for just one minute. But it’s by no means easy, so maybe you should consider the services of Meet and Greet.

Treat yourself and don’t worry about the cost. There are websites like Parking at Airports, which find the best prices so do you don’t have to. Drive straight up to the doors of the terminal, unpack your luggage and your kids and hand over the keys. You don’t have to worry about parking the car and seeing over the tops of your kids’ heads or the piled high luggage to reverse. Also enjoy slipping back behind the wheel and driving home after your holiday without having to recall where you parked the car in the first place.

Premium Parking

Perhaps the cheaper alternative to Meet and Greet, Premium Parking offers a touch of the luxury with the ease of close-by parking. No need to cater in time for the shuttle bus or wrestle kids into yet another seatbelt. Premium Parking offers spots mere minutes away from the airport and you can book for longer holidays.

Offsite Parking

Privately owned airport parking companies often offer competitive rates that’ll entice you and your holiday budget. Though the cheaper of most airport parking options, offsite parking can still cause more of an issue for families travelling. Set up with parking spaces in the surrounding area to the airport, you’ll still have the added pressures of arriving in good time and getting on the connecting bus service. Rather than using a site like Parking at Airports, this will also mean more extensive research into companies local to the airport your flights are departing from.

When it comes to which airport parking is best suited to the family, it all comes down to how long you’re going away from. If it really is just a few days, Short Stay parking offers everything you need from a low cost to location. For those holidays spanning a bigger frame of time, why not opt for Premium Parking? With the airport process still to come, limit any other stress factors and enjoy being nearby to the airport. Unload the boot with your suitcases, taking a hold of your child’s hand and lead them on the short walk from the car into the terminal. It needn’t be anymore stressful than that.



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    thanks for the offering such an important article, airport parking is very important when you are traveling with your kids. when you are with your kids, you have to be more careful while travelling. The above tips will get us know about more information regarding parking.

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