What’s on my desk #mydeskstory

What’s on my desk

I am having a swift tidy up before I show you what’s on my desk! I bet you really do not want to see my cold coffee cups and a discarded tissue, do you?  Ha! I have to say my desk is either completely messy or stylish and lovely. It goes to extremes – a bit like me. Our spaces do reflect us, don’t they? Whilst I am having a clear up and before I show you my desk have a little look at these desks from around the world.

Desks around the world

Desks around the world are just absolutely fascinating!

The very fabulous  folk at www.furniture-work.co.uk  have recently created this infographic all about finding out what’s on peoples desks around the world.

I love it SO much. I am so nosy and love to have a peek at how other people live and gosh aren’t desks just so revealing!


My desk story

Okay, I have finished tidying and am ready to share what is on my desk.


So I have my laptop and my reading glasses. I also have headphones as I was having a skype call earlier. I have a really cute recycled pen pot made by my daughter!

I also have my diary and coordinating pen ( I love a bit of colour co-ordination I do!) I also have a thing about fountain pens. I have a phone charger too.  I always need a phone charger and probably have about 10 as I lose them all the time then re-find them!

I have an apple because I am currently on a diet (which is going very well I have to say! though I have a long way to go.)

Oh, and I have highlighter pens because I have an extensive to-do list and get IMMENSE pleasure in crossing things off my to do list in highlighter pens.

So there you have that is my desk story.  I would absolutely love you to join in with this and show me your desk too!



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