Why hire an electrician?

You might love all things DIY like me and will tackle any small jobs here and there that need to be done around the house – fixing leaky taps, re-painting rooms, repairing small holes in the walls… you name it! However, I’m never going anywhere near electrical work (besides changing lightbulbs, of course!).

For any electrical tasks, I’d always go for my local electrician. A few years ago when I was looking for an electrician in London, I found the Handy Squad, and since then I’ve used them time and time again! They are a team of various tradesmen, including electricians, decorators, plumbers, carpenters and general handymen, who can complete almost any task you might need help with. If you are looking for an electrician near me, I’d recommend The Handy Squad.

Why hire an electrician?

Can you do electrical work yourself?

“Why hire an electrician?” You might be asking. “Can’t I just do my own electrical work myself?”. Short answer, depends. According to Electrical Safety: Approved Document P, “An installer who is not a registered competent person may use a registered third party to certify notifiable electrical installation work as an alternative to using a building control body.”


Why hire an electrician?

Minor electrical work vs larger jobs.

You are allowed to carry out some small tasks yourself, including minor repairs and maintenance. Larger electrical work, such as installing complete new circuits or changing a fuse board, is classed as “notifiable work.” This type of work needs to be inspected and checked. Whilst qualified electricians can self-certify their work, some electricians might not be as eager to certify work carried out by you for liability reasons.

When it comes to electrical work, even minor tasks can present a risk to safety. So, I believe it’s essential to hire a competent and qualified professional. Don’t you think? The team of qualified London electricians at the Handy Squad can complete a variety of tasks that you might need, from testing electric circuits and changing light switches to replacing damaged plugs and installing plug sockets.

Think ahead.

As this article on the Spruce mentions, “Amateurs may complete perfectly functional electrical projects that may not meet code, and thus may cause issues if and when it’s time to have the house inspected in order to sell it.” You might want to sell your home in the future, so it’s important to think ahead. I know that electricians might be expensive but might be the best solution for the long-term.

So, if you are looking for “which trusted traders to hire” or “electricians in my area”, go for the Handy Squad. Need other work done around the house besides electrical work? Their professional tradesmen can winterproof your house as Captain Bobcat mentions in a recent blog post, and do much more! This includes sealing windows and doors to draughtproof homes, bleeding radiators and more.


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