Why It’s So Important To Encourage Children To Get Creative

Encourage Children To Get Creative with these top tips

Children are naturally amazing creatives, thanks to that impressive imagination. All they really need is the opportunity to let their imagination run wild! We can help encourage this by providing equipment such as
paint and pom-poms; there are many ways you can engage your children in creative play. There are many developmental benefits to creative play too! It helps to build a child’s confidence and teaches valuable life skills. How can you encourage your child to get creative and make the most of that imagination? Keep reading to find out more!


Why It’s So Important To Encourage Children To Get Creative

Creative Play Encourages Childhood Development

The reality is that creative play is not too different from more academic, structured learning in young children! A lot of similar benefits come from creative learning, including:

● Problem-solving
● Sensory perception
● Attention span
● Verbal skills
● Curiosity
● Hand-eye coordination

The 4 Main Benefits of Encouraging Creative Play

1. Development of Communication Skills

Teaching children can be frustrating as learning can get boring pretty fast, and children don’t have the longest attention spans. Well, creativity makes the learning process a lot more enjoyable for the child and the adult! Throughout creative learning/play, encourage your child to describe the things they touch. Becoming aware of textures helps to understand the world around them, alongside building up their vocabulary. Creative play also encourages children to interact with each other, assisting social skills and understanding each other’s needs.

2. Practising Fine Motor Skills

Creative play is an excellent way for your child to practice their fine motor skills whilst having fun!Activities such as painting, drawing, sticking and cutting all involve hand-eye coordination. This all helps prepare your child to learn to write; even from a young age, this practice can make a huge difference! Your child quickly changes from not being aware they have hands to then holding a pencil. From learning this skill, they then realise they can make a mark on paper with a pencil! Each of these milestones is a colossal development skill for young children.

3. An Increase In Knowledge to Encourage Children To Get Creative

Creative play can help your child develop their maths and literacy skills from a very young age! Asking a toddler to sit down and learn to count can prove challenging; there are other, more exciting things they could be doing. Bringing a creative aspect to learning can help keep children entertained for a lot longer.Instead of asking them to count their fingers, suggest counting colourful pom-poms or shaping pipe cleaners into numbers!

4. Improving Attention Span

We all know that children don’t have the best attention span; luckily, creative play can often keep children entertained a lot longer than other forms of learning/entertainment! Having ongoing, creative projects encourages your child to return to a task to finish it off. Intentional projects allow imagination to run wild whilst also practising those essential concentration skills.


Why It’s So Important To Encourage Children To Get Creative

Here’s Some Perfect For Creative Play to Encourage Children To Get Creative

Creative play with children does not need to be expensive; you don’t need any fancy equipment! You should be able to keep your child entertained for a while with just a few bits- and they’re really easy to get hold of! Here are some materials you can introduce during creative play:

● Clay
● Pencils
● Paint
● Felt
● Fabric
● Child-friendly scissors
● Ribbon
● Cardboard
● Pom-poms
● Buttons

Ready To Begin Your Child’s Creative Journey?

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