Why Playgrounds are Important in Schools

Why Playgrounds are Important in Schools

All good schools should be in possession of some space in which the children who learn there can express themselves in a way that’s quite different from the classroom environment. Whether we’re considering primary-age pupils or older, teenage students, the same rule applies to both: playgrounds are incredibly important for childhood development and happiness while at school. This article provides some pointers as to why that might be, and why your child or children should be encouraged to play outside for a little while each day.


Children may do art in class, and they may use their creativity to solve problems presented to them by their teacher, but there’s nothing better for developing this soft skill than leaving groups of kids to their own devices in a playground. Inventing games and discovering social interactions, children benefit from the creative use of space in their lives. Installing playground markings to help facilitate play can be of huge benefit to children for such reasons.


In the minds of children, there’s nothing more difficult to do than sit inside all day at a desk, obeying the commands of a teacher, and having to think and concentrate on work. Unlike adults, who can potter away quite contentedly at work for an eight-hour day, children need some form of adventure in their days – something that’s free from the constraints of the classroom. Of course, a playground, with plenty of space to run and play, is essential in providing this.

Social Time

While children are likely to chat and interact in the classroom, the playground offers a special space for children in different classes, and of different ages, to play in a new social environment. This enables them to develop the kinds of social skills that’ll be deeply important to them in later life – and without them, they’ll find it difficult to work a job or to make new friends outside of the school setting.


There are two main benefits to exercise at school. The first is the most obvious – it’ll keep children fit and healthy as they grow up, fighting against the epidemic of childhood obesity that’s currently gripping the UK. The second is perhaps more relevant to school: exercise also helps the brain. Getting the blood pumping has been shown to inspire and encourage deeper thinking – something that we want our schoolkids to be able to tap into through regular trips into the playground for play and running around.


Some children struggle while at school. They might find themselves bottom of the class or struggling to understand lessons. They might even be bullied, or experience negative feelings in the classroom. While of course, a long-term solution to this feeling is to monitor kids’ feelings and actions while at school, a wonderful escape and outlet for worries and frustrations in the classroom is to spend a little time outside of the working and learning environment. It helps rest children who are struggling at school, allowing them to face lessons with more clarity and faith.

Playgrounds are essential in order to help kids create, play, and explore themselves in a secure and fun setting.


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  1. October 16, 2019 / 6:50 pm

    A school without a playground is incomplete. When we were a child, we used to play in leisure time at playground that would make us more keen to go to school.
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