Has Back To School Prep Got Your Back For This Whole Term?

It might not seem like it, but the summer holidays are over halfway through. Mad, isn’t it? This six weeks you thought would drag and dawdle have swept past before you even knew. And, what a summer it’s been so far. The chances are your head is still stuck in thoughts about that epic heatwave and the family holiday you never wanted to end. This has been the summer school holidays were made for. And, despite dreading having the kids around, you’ve actually come to enjoy the company.


But, just as you’re getting into the swing of things, September is creeping closer at a steady pace. As such, hordes of parents are heading out to stock up on school supplies for the looming term. And, the chances are you’re no different. There’s likely new pencil cases and school bags in your closet already. A trip next week may spell new uniforms. The better prepared you get now, the less chance there is of a mad rush later.

In reality, though, back to school prep often operates with a narrow view. You may have stocked up on the essentials, but there’s a chance you haven’t prepared for the whole term ahead. As such, late night trips to the shops could be on your cards before you know. To make sure it doesn’t happen, cast your back-to-school net as far into the term as possible by considering the following additions.


Stock up on cold weather clothes

Any parent knows kids need new clothes when entering a school term. A lot of growing goes on over six weeks. As such, this isn’t a step you can skip. Hence why school uniforms are often top of the back to school list. But, you may still fail to consider the need for cold weather clothes here. After all, it’s still  August! The coats and such can wait until a later date, can’t they? In truth, they could, but why take the risk? Even if we have a hot September ahead, keeping coats in the cupboard saves you having to fight for the last one in your kid’s size. In fact, it means you won’t have to worry here at all. Everything will be ready and waiting the moment the weather turns. And, that’s sure to make your life easier. So, get your head out of the sun for one moment, and turn your thoughts to colder times. Your future self will thank you for it.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We know, we know; it’s WAY too early for the C word. But, level with us for a minute. We are well into the second half of the year, after all, and time is ticking away. So, is it entirely crazy to consider presents at this stage? Not at all. In fact, stocking up on teacher Christmas gifts at this stage is your best bet at getting something decent. While you’re at it, you could also stock up on some little bits for your children’s friends. No one wants to be the person who buys presents in August. Still, there’s no denying that doing so can save you having to fight with those holiday hordes. It also ensures you can bag some bargains before gift prices skyrocket. And, it means you can go out on shopping trips without having to worry about rain. A tempting argument all around, we’re sure you’ll agree. If it helps, ignore why you’re buying these things until down the line. Just think of them as gifts you might make use of at some stage…

What about dark evenings?

Dark evenings may seem a world away right now, but they’re closer than you think. Already, the sun is starting to set by around nine in the evening. In another month, that’ll look a lot more like 8, or even before. So, though it may chill your summer heart to do so, it’s also worth considering those dark evenings. In reality, it won’t be long before your little munchkin finishes school once darkness has already descended. And, even if you’re happy for them to walk home during the summer, it’s unlikely you’d feel the same in the second half of the year. As such, it’s essential you prepare for this, too. That could mean investing in a torch to go in their new school bag. Or, it could involve arranging lifts with other parents when you aren’t around. Either way, the early bird catches the worm. So, get going!


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