How to Find the Right Care Home for You or Your Loved One

Picking a care home can be an overwhelming task. As you will likely have limited experience with the process, you might be unsure about the amenities to look for when choosing a facility.

However, the option you select can determine your own or your relative’s health and happiness. Avoid making a big mistake by reading the below advice on finding the right care home for you or a loved one.


How to Find the Right Care Home for You or Your Loved One

Select the Right Option for Your Needs

It is essential to find a care home that not only matches your current needs but that can adapt to yours or a loved one’s changing requirements throughout their senior years. For example, a nursing home will ensure patients are cared for by qualified nursing staff, who will help with everyday tasks and medication. If your loved one has hearing loss, hearing aids for seniors are extremely useful. Talk to the staff about whether they can make sure that the hearing aids are inserted in the morning and removed at night. Also, you could look for an option that offers dementia care, which will ensure you or a relative will receive the help and support needed if diagnosed with the brain disorder.


Read the Latest Inspection Report

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will inspect every care home in the UK at least once every five years. However, the CQC aims to inspect a substantial amount of care home providers each year, and they will receive a rating such as good or outstanding.

If you’re torn between care homes, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities in your city or town, you can request an inspection report from a facility. Alternatively, you can browse the CQC website to read the most recent inspection report.


Consider a Care Home’s Reputation

Look for a care home that has developed a positive reputation in your city or town. For example, if you’re looking for residential care homes in Ascot, you would be smart to consider Signature Ascot Grange. It has not only received an excellent score on from genuine, honest patients or their loved ones, but it is an award-winning care home due to its exceptional amenities, fun activities, and compassionate employees.


Pick the Right Location

It makes perfect sense that you will want to pick a care home that is close to your own or a loved one’s family and friends. Before you make a decision, consider the distance from the care home to nearest and dearest. If it is many hours away, it might result in fewer visitors and less social interaction with those closest to you or a relative.

Ask Questions

If in doubt, ask a care home questions to make an informed decision. They will likely be more than happy to provide information on their facilities, activities, healthcare services, meals, and visiting times. If they can’t answer your questions, or you are unhappy with their response, it might not be the right option for you or a loved one.

Moving into a care home is a big decision, so don’t rush into it. Take your time to find a facility that ticks every box on your list.




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