How has the average childhood changed over the years?

We all remember the best things about our childhoods, and what’s become an interesting question to ask is how these memories differ between generations. One thing that stood out for 70s kids may be commonplace to those growing up in the 80s.

Technology has a lot to answer for. For example: children from the 80s were over the moon with a Rubik’s Cube, while 00s kids were enamored with the Nintendo DS and The Sims. How times have changed!

To help us journey through time, Toys For A Pound have created a fantastic visual treat that looks back on the favourite toys, hobbies, and pastimes that kept kids busy in each decade.

From Etch A Sketches in the 60s, lava lamps in the 70s, and Game Boys in the 80s – all the way through to Tamagotchis in the 90s and everybody’s favourite 00s obsession, Harry Potter. Everything is covered here! Take a look.

How Childhood Has Changes Through The Decades






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