How to Balance a Career with Motherhood

Today – How to Balance a Career with Motherhood

How to Balance a Career with Motherhood


How to Balance a Career with Motherhood – top tips

Do you ever wonder how to balance a career with motherhood?

For the most part, the days when women had to choose between a successful career and having a family are gone. However, that does not mean that balancing the two is straightforward or easily done. Sometimes the scales will tip one way or the other, and it’s understandable that you will feel overwhelmed. The key is not to let feelings of stress or guilt stop you from being the best mother you can be, and part of being a good mother is showing your children that you are an independent and strong person with ambition. Here are some tips to help you maintain a sense of control over your career and family life.


Find Top Quality Childcare or Household Staff

Finding the best possible care for your children is essential. Whether you choose a childcare centre, a childminder, or hire a nanny, you need to know that your children are safe, happy and in an environment where they will thrive. This will enable you to focus on your career when you’re away, so you can give both parts of your life your full attention. You might also want to look at hiring new household staff help with the day to day cleaning and maintenance so you can spend more quality time with the children when you’re home.


Streamline the Morning Routine

Whatever the age of your children, preparing for tomorrow the night before is a great way to remove morning stresses and rushing about. Choose your own outfit and get up early enough to get yourself washed and ready before you start getting the kids ready. You can also get clothes, nappies, food and anything else the children will need for school, nursery or the childminder. This will prevent you from being stressed in the morning when everyone is already feeling tired.


Introduce Family Schedules and Routines

Children tend to thrive when given a schedule to work to, so don’t be afraid to work something up for your family routine. It could be a physical board on the wall or a family planner app that tells everyone where they will be on what day and what time events are taking place. You might include school, clubs, family visits, birthday parties, playdates, etc. Doing so helps children and you to plan for the future and gives children a sense of stability.


Maintain a Positive Relationship with Your Employer

Every mother knows that family life doesn’t always run to plan, and sometimes adjustments need to be made. That’s why you should try to maintain a positive relationship with your employer as they will be more likely to be flexible when it’s needed.


Keep in Touch with Home

It’s natural to want to stay in touch with home when you are away, and thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to do just that. From phone calls and text messages to video calling and even installing cameras at home which you can monitor from your smartphone. Use your break or lunch to get in touch and put your mind at rest so you can spend the rest of the time focused on your work. If you have a young baby, consider recording your voice or a video of yourself singing a song or telling a story so that you can be there virtually.

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