How to make a bad day BETTER

Is life getting you down a bit?

Some days just seem to be drizzly dull and miserable from the off set don’t they and you just know they are going to be a bad day.

But you really don’t have to get yourself stuck in a rut like that, it doest have to be that way. There are lots of positive things you can do to make a bad day better. This lovely infographic highlights a few of your options. My advice woudl be to pick your favourite and just give it a go. Its amazing how one little thing that YOU decide to action can make your bad day a whole lot better.

Positive action is always an option at your disposal and it is so worth the minimal effort to turn your day around.

Which of these options do you like the sound of?

how to make a bad day better

*Image source


Some fab ideas right there!

Over at My A Beautiful Space blog you can also find a wonderful playlist for 50 happy and motivational songs

Music is always such a mood changer, isn’t it. What’s your happy song?

If you have a moment please share this infographic and help someone else make a bad day better.




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