Monster Crafts

Do you fancy having a go at some Monster Crafts ?

Do you recall that simple paper game you can play where you draw a head, fold over the paper give it to your friend and they would draw the body, then they would fold it over  and pass it back to you then you would draw the legs and so on and  at the end you would have a mystery picture to unveil?

We always played this with monsters and it was so much fun. Our results would look something like this:

Well this month we decided to use the same principles with a model and mKW a monster piece by piece and without seeing what our crafting partner was making. I made the body and my daughter L made the head. We used all our Bostik goodies from the monthly Bostik box we recieved and we embraced this months theme of Monsters.

Take a peek …..



Bostik glue dots are just brilliant for this type of crafting as they stick awkward things together really well.

Monster Crafts

We had so much fun doing this we will definitely do another craft challenge at some point!

Have you been crafting this month? What have you been making? I’d love to see …drop me a link in the comments below.

As always a huge thanks to Tots100 who send me a monthly Bostik box and craft material and set me a monthly challenge




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