5 Things to Do When Your Child Feels Rejected


Do When Your Child Feels Rejected

Things to Do When Your Child Feels Rejected

It can be so hard to know what to do when your child feels rejected

Rejection is a part of life, failure is one of the essentials on the path to success, and while you may know it and understand it, children really don’t. Growing kids tend to have a harder time dealing with rejections than the rest of us, and it is during that crucial time that they needed to be guided.

Here’s helping you do just that. Keep reading to discover the 5 most effective ways to help your child overcome rejection and learn to deal with it better.


Listen Up

Rejection is tough, and when your child has faced one, he’ll probably have a lot to speak and complain about. As a parent, make sure you’re there to listen to what he has to say, and offer advice if asked for. Be your kid’s biggest motivator, number 1 fan and strongest support- it’ll help him handle not just the rejections that come his way in the path of life, but everything else too.


Comfort & Validate

There’s no replacement for comfort and validation from parents- it doesn’t just help them build a good relationship with you, but also get them to feel more confident about themselves. It empowers them in ways you can’t imagine. Be there to support them with all their efforts, and validate what they say instead of belittling their feelings.


Value Them

As a parent, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to tie your child’s value to his character- not his success. Don’t just praise him when he achieves something- praise him for his efforts and the hard work that he puts in- not just when he is victorious. Love your little one unconditionally. Make him understand that you’re there for him, and no matter what, you’ll always support him.


Watch & Observe

Be there for your kid when he needs you, but once that’s done, take the back seat and watch your kid. Let him sort out things himself and learn how to deal with rejection, even if it is tough. This will give him the confidence to solve the problems that come his way, and you won’t always have to intervene on his behalf.


Do When Your Child Feels Rejected

Ditch Perfection

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of parents make, that get their kids to develop an inferiority complex and feel rejected is that they try to have their kids aim for perfection. Remind yourself and your little one that it is okay for him to not be great at everything, Peer pressure and sibling rivalry can often make your child feel rejected. Make sure you’re not differentiating between any of your kids based on their performance at school.

Hope these tips on what to do when your child feels rejected help! Please do add any of your own in the comments below and take a peek here for more idea on how to help kids be happy

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