How to get kids involved in gardening

How to get kids involved in gardening

How to get kids involved in gardening

Get kids involved in gardening

Have you ever wondered how to get kids involved in gardening?

Children love gardens, don’t they? They love to be out there kicking a ball around or playing hide and seek, splashing in the paddling pool and the like. Gardens are the perfect place for them to let off steam and have a play. All that fresh air is so good for them too and definitely, helps them sleep and keeps them healthy. Anything that encourages kids to outside have to be a good thing.

But how do we get kids involved in the actual gardening of a garden?

Get them excited

If you employ garden services  then do make a point of getting outside with your child to watch the gardeners in action. Hopefully, this will really stir your child’s interest and they will be mad keen to have a go themselves.  Perhaps the gardener will talk to your child about what they are doing and suggest a few things they could perhaps do over the coming months to help the garden along. They need to be excited!


Give them a patch of garden

Having their own little patch of garden to tend will encourage a child to nurture and take care of it. They will be so proud to plant seeds for flowers or little plug vegetables or bulbs. They will be proud to de-weeded it or add compost, to paint a little fence around it.  Kids just love a bit of responsibility and often thrive when given it.


Give them the right sized tools

Kids need tools the right sized told for their little hands. If they are expected to use heavy tools that are just too big for them they will soon give up. A little child-sized gardening kit makes a lovely birthday or Christmas gift and your child will be keen to try them out.


Accept the muck

Gardening is mucky and if you want your kids to give it a go you need to embrace this. Let them get their hands really dirty and don’t worry about it for a second!!


What if you don’t have a garden?

A garden is a wonderful thing but of course, not all kids have a garden so how then do we get them learning to tend and take care of things and learn the pleasures of gardening?

Well, seeds can be grown indoors and nurtured along in your kitchen.  Hanging baskets by the front door and window boxes can grow peppers and strawberries and a whole load of flowers. A little back yard can house potatoes buckets and pots of runner beans. You can garden without a garden if you just think it through.


So, I hope these tips on how to get kids involved in gardening have proved beneficial to you and have encouraged you to give this a go. The benefits of gardening are emotional and physical and  you really could be helping sparkle a life long interest which will only enhance your child’s wellbeing


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