How To Choose A Fostering Agency?

So, you have given it a lot of thought and have decided that you want to become a foster parent. Good for you.

In the US or anywhere in the world, you will want to make sure that you choose the right agency to help you with this delicate process. But this can be a bit of an overwhelming process. What should you look for in a fostering agency? And how can you be sure you have chosen one that is focused on child welfare?


How To Choose A Fostering Agency?

County supported or private?

The key difference between a private fostering agency and a county one is the support you will have access to and access to different children. If you go through a county-based fostering agency, you will only be able to choose from children in that county. Should you go private, you can have access to children from all over the country.

A private agency is also more likely to be able to offer a wider range of services for the parents when they are fostering, Such as support and training if needed. Check out on what to look for when choosing a suitable fostering agency.

24- hour support

When you have a foster child, you and your family will need support, especially if they are older and may have behavioral, social, or physical health issues.

Be sure that the foster agency that you choose can offer you and your family 24 hours support, even if it is only in the form of a telephone line that is manned at all hours to offer advice. This can make the process simpler for you. While also ensuring that the child you are fostering is supported.


It is a sad reality that many of the children in foster care have special needs. Especially with issues that many wouldn’t associate with children. Such as drug additions, oppositional defiant disorder, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This means helping them, and you will likely require some specialized training to understand how these issues can be present and the most effective ways of handling them.

It is worth noting that a private fostering agency is more likely to be able to offer specialized training. Simply due to resources, but country foster homes will be able to point you in the right direction of other services. That can offer you training in these areas.


Access To Other Services.

A high-quality fostering agency will be in contact with other services in the local and wider areas. Most of which will be designed and catered to help fostered children to feel more at home with you and your family. This can include support groups, mental health groups, or even social clubs for children who are being fostered and their parents.

Final Thought

Fostering a child is a tough job, but when choosing a foster agency, you will need to be sure that the group you choose is as passionate about childcare as you are and that they will help you and your foster child adapt to your new lives together.


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