Life Insurance for Children

The average life insurance journey is so interesting – there are a variety of insurances you should consider dependent on age and stage of life. Have a look at this fabulous infographic that has a host of fascinating facts about insurance claims, insurance avoiders and the astonishing cost of a burst pipe!

I have to say it has really made me think especially in regard to funeral costs…wow!


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Children’s Life Insurance

One of the biggest changes in our lives is having children. This of course impacts on us in so many ways, our housing, transport, work situation, our relationships and absolutely, of course, it impacts our finances and thoughts about money.

In regard to children, child life insurance can be hugely valuable.

Life Insurance for Children

Child life insurance is designed to support parents financially should their child pass away, and to ensure their child’s insurability later in life. These policies can be used to cover funeral plans, time spent away from work (as a supplement to any insufficient bereavement leave), medical bills, and other costs which arise from the death of a child. I KNOW from having kids myself this is absolutely not something you probably want to think about.

But that really does not mean you shouldn’t.

Life assurance is something that really appeals to me  A life assurance policy for your child, which carries through to adulthood and provides them with coverage for their entire life. These policies ensure a child always has life cover, regardless of any conditions they may develop in later life which could inhibit their chances of being able to find a policy. Now that really could be extremely useful. I have a complex illness that is unusual and that can make getting insurance tricky. If my parents had taken out a life assurance policy this could have been a real boon to me.

The most commonly held type of insurance is a child rider, which is when child life insurance is attached to your own regular life cover policy. During your policy (or until your child reaches adulthood – whichever comes first), if your child passes away you’ll receive a cash lump sum, some policies also cover critical illness cover for your children.

Policies are cheaper for covering children and being covered as a child makes it easier for them to be covered as adults

Are you covering your children with life insurance? Is it something you have thought about? Do let me know in comments below and you can find out more here


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  1. September 20, 2018 / 3:19 pm

    Hi Becky,

    I am glad that I came across your post, because most of the time when it comes to Life Insurance, I used to get information most about insurance to married couples. But for the first time there is a detail information about Child Life Insurance. Thanks for the Post.

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