8 tops tips for treating eczema

I found when I had kids and I was constantly bathing and cleaning and changing nappies, doing endless laundry and the like and my skin got a little irritated and eczema on my arms and wrists flared up. I had not had eczema for a long time and found it just so irritating. It annoyed me constantly and I just could not ignore it.

I had a good look around to see what I could use to help it and found so many options. I hope if this is something you struggle with that some of these options will work for you.

1) Avoidance – If you think your eczema is impacted  by skin exposure to a specific substance, it can be really helpful to avoid it. Certain washing detergents can really impact eczema so it is worth experimenting with new/more gentle products.

2) Mild eczema is as thought to benefit from a lukewarm-ish water compress followed by air evaporation.

3) Wearing soft and breathable clothing is meant to really help.

4) Not scratching definitely helps! (not easy but try and keep your hands busy with something else and take your mind off it!)

5) Have a regular bathing and moisturising routine this keeps a skin barrier and stops your skin from drying out which is a reason for eczema to flare.

6) Use the right creams for your eczema (Have a look at the  Independent Pharmacy for a variety of options.)

7)  Do consider alternative therapies such as supplements, natural and organic facial cleansers, coconut oil and meditation and do ask around your friends to find out what they use and what works for them.

8) Do check with your health-care provider for what they recommend.  Eczema can be deeply unpleasant and extremely annoying and the risk of infection of the raw scraped skin is high so it does need to be dealt with.

I do hope one or a combination of these treatments work for you in treating your eczema but number 8 is the most essential!


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