How many birds can you name ?

How many birds can you name do you think?

We love to encourage birds into our garden and make a lot of effort to do so hanging bird feeders and putting out water. We get such delight in seeing them swooping down and grabbing their seed. Early in the morning time I love to sit on a bench in our garden, with a coffee and all by myself and hear them chirp and sing.

Birds add such richness to our lives don’t they.

You can see here how to make your own pine cone bird feeder to encourage the birds in.

How many birds can you name

Now I CAN tell you the different between a robin and an eagles and a parrot and a pigeon but after that I am not that knowledgeable where birds are concerned .

How about you?

Do you know all the different types off birds that there are?

There is a great Can You Name the Birds quiz over at Rattan Direct that puts your knowledge to the test, so do pop over and have a go and see how much you know. You may be surprised and know more than you think.

P.s I only got 4 out of 8 and 2 were guesses YIKES! Hope you do better than that! Do let me know how you get on.



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