4 Home Improvements Worth Doing

Home Improvements Worth Doing


You can do many things to improve your living space, but not everything is going to help add value to your home. A lot of people can be deterred from doing certain home improvement projects, unsure of whether they will see a return for their investment. While little things like a new coat of paint or light cosmetic work might be nicer for you, you might want to consider putting that money towards a more substantial project that has more weight behind it. Below are four home improvement projects that are worth investing in, as they will increase your home’s value.

  1. A New Bathroom Suite

Bathrooms should always be kept clean and tidy, as there is nothing more off-putting than taking a shower or using the toilet in a grotty bathroom. However, sometimes no matter how often you clean it, a bathroom never feels quite as fresh as you want it to, and usually, this is because the suite is old and worn-out, or the general décor is outdated. Reviving your bathroom with a brand-new suite, colour scheme, and flooring will look incredible and make it a much more appealing place to take a long soak in the tub. Create a little home spa for yourself to enjoy for years to come!


  1. A New Kitchen

A quality kitchen is a desirable feature in any home, and this is why investing in having your kitchen remodelled is worth it if it needs it. Adding some new kitchen cabinets and worktops is a good place to start, but if your budget can afford it, think about getting some new appliances or smart tech to up the ante. Find professional kitchen designers like granitetransformations.co.uk and have a look at what they have to offer. They will even be able to advise you on style and the best kind of products for what you need, as well as installing the new suite for you.


  1. Extension

If you’re feeling cramped in your home or need the extra space because your family is expanding, you could always look at moving somewhere new. While this might be a better option for some, before you do that, think about how you can create more space in your current property with an extension. You will need to get planning permission from your local authority before you proceed with this work. If you get given the green light, you don’t need to worry about moving house, plus you will be increasing your current home’s value and see that return on your investment.


  1. Replacing Old Windows

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills have spiked and that the rooms feel colder and draughty even when the windows are closed, these are signs they need replacing. Don’t ignore old, damaged windows, as they could lead to other issues such as damp and mould in your home, as well as becoming a security risk. Get double or triple glazed windows to replace your old ones with, and adding some cool features like stained or frosted glass could be a nice touch, too.

If you want to make sure your spending your money on home improvements that will be worth the investment, choose one from the list above.


  1. Replacing Skirting & Architrave

It’s possibly one of the last things on your mind, but replacing your skirting boards and architraves for new ones with a different design can make all the difference. A simple bullnose skirting board can add a clean, modern look to the room or you can go down the traditional route and choose something detailed and ornate.


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