How to make a photo wall hanging

How to make a photo wall hanging

# AD How to make a photo wall hanging

My daughter just loves photos.

She loves photos of places she has been, her friends, things she has crafted and made and well everything really! And she loves to display them. She also likes to change around her displays around and update them regularly so we have been racking our brains how this could be done easily.

When you can’t find the product you need you have to create it!

And here we go…a photo wall hanging that requires little more than a string, some pegs and some decoration.

If you would like to have a go at replicating this yourself here is how you go about it.



What you need for your photo wall hanging

  • String or ribbon
  • Bostik glu dots (these are super strong and clear so they hold well but you can’t see them. They also leave absolutely no mess and are easily moved if you position them wrongly. Just perfect.
  • Mini Pegs (or normal size pegs if you don’t have mini pegs. I found them easily at my local pound store.
  • A collection of photos. Because it is summer A chose a selection of photos representing her summer: ice cream, gardening, the seaside – but family collections or a friends wall hanging all work.
  • Some pom poms,paper stars, shells or any other kind of decoration you might like.



How to create your photo wall hanging

Simply pick your favourite photos and decide on the order you want to hang them. Affix your decorations with the Bostik glu dots onto the photos then peg your photos at least a hand span apart down the string, You may want to affix more decorations to the string.

That’s’ it.



Might this possibly be the simplest craft ever!

The photo wall hanging looks great down the side of the fridge or on a child’s bedroom door. A collection of a few together would look even more fabulous.

What a fun, inexpensive and meaningful craft. And of course, the photos can be changed just as often as required with barely any effort at all.  I think this would make a cute gift too for a child to make for their friend.


How to make a photo wall hanging


So now you know how to make a photo wall hanging – simple!

You can see more of my crafts here



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