Mature Dating

Mature Dating

Mature dating – what’s it all about?

Let me talk to you about mature dating and some thoughts I have about it. .

In recent years I have a had a number of friends separate from their long term partners and step out again into the dating arena. Apparently with people living longer these days divorce in later years is growing. After years of marriage and raising kids, it must feel bewildering and rather scary to venture back out onto the dating circuit as a mature person.

When did you last go out on a date with someone new? Gosh, it must be 15 years for me and I have to say if I was ever to venture down this road again I think I would be absolutely terrified. The world can change a lot in 15 years and me, well yes I have definitely changed a lot too. I can only speak for myself but I am absolutely more cautious these days and I have more responsibilities so I am more reserved and perhaps careful about where I spend my energy and attention. I know this is true for a lot of my friends too and I suppose in a way it is inevitable. Most of us have families and jobs and homes and we are thinly spread and perhaps more worldly wise.

Mature dating websites

Almost all my friends dating these days use websites. Because young people often have different responsibilities and  wishes then people over 40  a lot of them turn to specific dating websites that cater for over 50 dating

By 2035 25% of the UK population will be over 65. This is not an age group who sit around doing nothing but read the paper and occasionally play bowls! 50 plus folk are very often fit, healthy sociable and up for both romance and adventure and if they are free and single, widowed or divorced many of them are looking to date again.

It would be very easy to stereotype and say that over 50’s dating is more reserved, more serious and commitment focussed than dationg amount younger people but as with anything that caters for people there really can never be a one size fits all approach.


Mature dating is the norm!

It would have been very odd wouldn’t it 10 -20 years ago to have thought about older people dating but is absolutely the norm these days. Mature dating is now actually a huge online dating category! Online dating too is the norm these days with. According to recent dating research by 2040, 70% of relationships will be able to attribute their coming-together to either online dating or online communication of some kind or other. That is one e HUGE statistic and guess what?  The biggest growth sector in online dating over the next 10 years is the 55+ age group.

Online mature dating is here to stay and actually, it just takes away the hassle of trying to meet someone you like the sound of, that’s not too far away, doesn’t it. Set up by friends rarely work, dating at work can cause all sorts of dilemmas. Plus, let’s be honest we probably attend far less social occasions nowadays than in our younger years. So yes, mature dating online makes sense!


If you have tried it I would just love to hear your stories, please do leave me a comment.


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