Functional Ways to Create a Safe and Stylish Kid-Friendly Home

When it comes to decorating with kids, there are a lot of limitations and restrictions. This does not mean you have to give up style and decor for functionality. There are many ways to perfectly blend functionality and sophistication. When decorating with kids, anything that is functional in more than one way is a definite YES. These simple techniques will help you create a living space that is both elegant and sippy-cup friendly.

When you get your first child, your decorating strategy completely changes. By the time you get to three-six kids many parents give up on decoration and typically abandon it altogether. The good news for design lovers is that with a little creativity you can transform your crowded house into a vibrant and stylish home.

Kid-Friendly Home

Image: The Snug

Color, pattern and texture are your friend

When the kids arrive it is time to abandon the expensive white silk couch, metaphorically speaking! In its place, settle for a vibrant color with touchable texture and pattern. Apart from adding style, color, pattern and texture, it will camouflage the finger prints, inevitable spills and other mishaps that are a normal occurrence in a home with kids. The day your first grader spills juice on your living room rug, you will be extremely glad you choose a dark-colored rug that has a rich pattern. It bold patterns are not appealing to you; opt for a softly feathered finish on a rug or a couch.

High hung frames are stylish, functional and child-friendly.

After you have kids there are many beautiful and awe-inspiring accessories such as a one of a kind vase that you may need to give up. You have to get creative and replace delicate accessories with safe ones that enhance décor and still remain functional. Hang your kid’s adoring pictures on sleek black frames in your living room. Ensure they are hung high and safely secured so that they are out of reach to kids. Black frames are classy and won’t take away from the patterns throughout the rest of the room.

QUICK TIP: when it comes to accessories be patient and take your time to figure out a functional and stylish accessory that fits in your space. Accessories are usually the most rushed, not well thought part of any room and, done wrong, can muddy up a style.

Be Creative and Clever with storage


Image: Homedit

Kids come with an unbelievable amount of stuff so it is important to come up with stylish and functional storage furniture. Beautiful patterned baskets are perfect; they have space for storage and can add a level of elegance to the kitchen or living room.

Opt for vinyl that looks like real wood over solid hardwood

Though real wood flooring is always a sophisticated looking option, there are more kid friendly options available. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a great alternative. Not only is it usually ¼ of the cost of real hardwood, it is more durable and resistant to dents and scratches; making it perfect for high traffic homes with young kids!

You can get it printed to look like any wood species you want and in almost any color to match the décor you already have. And if you are up for it installing vinyl planks is extremely DIY friendly and can be done over a weekend with a few tools and how to articles. As far as cleaning and maintenance goes, vinyl flooring is hard to beat. This kind of flooring impressively requires very little maintenance after installation. Easy cleaning is a welcome relief for any parent, all you have to do is sweep and mop occasionally.


Image: GoHaus

Be creative and have fun, a kid friendly home can be both stylish and functional!


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