A family trip to Valencia


A family trip to Valencia – why it’s the perfect place

Do you like to travel with your children? I honestly think it is one of the best ways to bond with your child, I also think it provides fabulous lessons in history, culture and empathy. Most importantly, of course, it is a great adventure together to store in the memory banks.

I am always looking for amazing cities to visit with my children. Valencia is somewhere that has really captured my imagination. I have been looking at the VisitValencia website and there is just so much to do there for a family. I think they would absolutely love it. Let me tell you why.

3 days in Valencia would be enough to see and do a lot of the main things in Valencia and makes an ideal length for a long weekend trip. There really is so much to see and do though that our 3-day trip could be packed! It is important to identify what it is you want to see most on a city break or you could be absolutely overwhelmed

Some of the things I really want to show my kids include the genuine Holy Grail at València Cathedral; the Silk Exchange and the amazing frescos at the Church of San Nicolás. I especially want to take them to the Central Market, one of the largest in all of Europe


A family trip to Valencia


There are so many things to see in Valencia you would be wise to map your itinerary out so you have a plan!  Valencia’s marina and beaches would be top of my list I know the children would just love them. Big sciences fan  I know they would also really enjoy a visit to the interactive City of Arts and Sciences too.



Bioparc Valencia would also be a big draw for my kids as it is a zoo with a real difference and they are huge animal lovers. The Bioparc is an innovative zoo, in which the barriers are practically invisible and the animals have a huge expanse to roam which covers some 100,000 square metres. The Bioparc has a large array of animals including leopards, lemurs, hyenas, lions, giraffes, gorillas, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses, porcupines, ostriches, elephants, otters – wow!

Before your trip it is advisable to book tickets for valencia oceanografic – it is the largest aquarium in Europe and so popular. The  Oceanogràfic is made up of different buildings, Mediterranean, Wetlands, Temperate and Tropical, Oceans, Antarctic, Arctic and Islands; as well as the Red Sea. It also has the biggest dolphinarium in Europe. Tickets for activities in this city are easy to find with special discount for families. We checked it on the Valencia Tourism Official site, VisitValencia but there are others websites with special offers.

When it comes to travel with kids advice is to slow down. Let them absorb all the wonder of a trip and set the pace. Whilst there may be just so many brilliant things to do In Valencia you don’t want to be rushing. This just makes kids bad-tempered. Valencia is not going anywhere and not getting everything done on your itinerary is a brilliant reason to have to come back again! Another great tip for travelling with kids is to remember you were a kid once. So do stop for ice cream, stare at the otters for as long as you wish and build sandcastle after sandcastle. No matter how wonderful a city is it is these precious moments of pleasure really make a holiday special.


Wouldn’t a family trip to Valencia be a lovely exxperience?



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